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Summer Swim Teams—UNITE!

This post is from our Splashfather Chronicles Blog Greetings from the Splashfather, If you are like me, you LOVE summer swim. I’d like to start a little pushpin campaign to identify all the summer swim teams in the entire country, and pushpin them to my interactive map, located HERE. I think it’d be great to […]

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Six Deadly Food Sins

The Following is a post from our IRON JEFF AMERICA Blog:   Everyone is always looking for a ‘Rule of Thumb’. What that basically means is they want you to give them a spitball guess at what should be done in any specific circumstance. That’s pretty hard because different situations have different variables. And there […]

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Deck Pass, and Deck Pass for All

The Following is a post from our Splashfather Chronicles Blog:   Ever wish there was a really strong app you didn’t have to pay for (in other words, it’s FREE!) that could easily help you keep track of all your kid’s swim times? Maybe even have the capability to let your swimmer ‘friend’ other swimmers […]

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PETA kills animals??

Yes, you heard it right..PETA, or formally People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, probably the most ridiculous and annoying organization at the same time, KILLS RATS! You know, rats, those sentient beings with the pointy two front teeth and fur covered bodies. THEY KILL THEM. Not exactly the kind of behavior that you would […]

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The Maan Ponders His Next Child’s Name

Read an article a while back in which a judge in New Zealand stripped the parental rights of two ‘parents’ that named their child something so ridiculuous that the magistrate overseeing the custody case felt obligated to take the child into court custody with the object of renaming the child before resuming the custody case. […]

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