PETA kills animals??

PETA kills animals??

Yes, you heard it right..PETA, or formally People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, probably the most ridiculous and annoying organization at the same time, KILLS RATS! You know, rats, those sentient beings with the pointy two front teeth and fur covered bodies. THEY KILL THEM.

Not exactly the kind of behavior that you would expect out of an organization that objects to the use of chickens and cattle as food, the riding of bulls for sport, and the sacrifice of lab mice (and lab rats for that matter) to find cures to diseases that kill humans, with a multimillion dollar team of lawyers and wild-eyed crazed liberals.

I mean, really, what is the difference between a rat and a mouse…I’ll tell you what’s the difference: one is smaller and looks a little cuddlier. In every other respect, their purpose in life and disease carrying capability is the same.

I have it on very good authority from a qualified source that PETA regularly uses to have their building exterminated for rats, that rat poison is used to kill the creatures, instead of doing the PETA-esque thing, trapping them and releasing them into the wild, or at least into the factories of the meat packing companies that they detest in a terrorist effort to get them shutdown.

Apparently, PETA will go the mat for any animal…unless it is crawling around their headquarters.


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