You have just entered the MaanSpace

You have just entered the MaanSpace

This is Maanspace Media. We are a Blog Family of professional-like niche blogs serving a variety of topics from experts (well, ok, fine, very knowledgeable people) in their blog subjects.

At this point, our blogs consist of the following:

Click the image above to visit The Splashfather Chronicles

The Splashfather Chronicles is a site dedicated to everything Youth Competitive swimming. From informative, funny, and helpful articles to product reviews, polls, idea forums and even hot apparel sales, the Splashfather Chronicles is the Essence of Youth Competitive swimming.

Iron Jeff FB Header

Click image to visit Iron Jeff America

Iron Jeff America is concentrated on one individual’s (IRON JEFF’s) fitness journey to transform his body from less Jabba the Hut, and more Ryan Gosling, with a focus on P90X. In addition to the running commentary on IRON JEFF’s journey, he also offers inside info on the best supplements, tech, equipment and other products as well as helpful advice, dietary tips, and a lighter side look at everything fitness and P90X.

Joy of Rental Property Management Header 2

Click the image above to visit Joy of Rental Property Management

The Joy of Rental Property Management is a site intended to bring some of the best tips, tricks, tech, trends and shortcuts in property management to the small and medium Portfolio’ed private landlord. We not only intend to enlighten, but also to entertain, because, let’s face it, being a landlord requires a few laughs now and then!

The Maan Speaketh is run by the founder of the Maanspace….the Maan himself. The Maan tackles tough issues and offers his point of view on such hotbed topics like people who drive you nuts in traffic, why sports athletes are always getting into trouble, and the ridiculousness of celebrity baby names. Let’s just say there might be a little sarcasm flying around that blog. A little.

So we encourage you to visit any of our blogs and stay tuned for more. We will occasionally repost some of our featured posts here at the Maan Space, so you can get a flavor for each blog’s content.

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